Aria Collection was born on our living room floor during the 2020 covid pandemic. After our son was born in 2019, I had experienced post-partum depression. I turned to fitness to help me manouvre through it and quite quickly began falling in love with all things health and fitness. When we began getting quite invested into it, I found that my moods and my love for fitness was heavily influenced by the clothing I was wearing to kickstart my day. If I looked good, I felt good and my training followed. Once lockdown had hit, we began playing around with the idea of making our own activewear line and having the ability to make pieces in any styles we wanted to. I remember being on my laptop on the living room floor, Shaun at the table having dinner and me looking to buy another haul of activewear.. again. This time I was quite particular and I kept saying "I want this.. but with this" or "this would look cool if it had this as well". We quickly realised that we were unconciously building what would be our very first collection. No idea or experience in both business and clothing.. All we knew is that the clothing needed to work its purpose (functionality), needed to look good (stylish) and needed to be available for all body types (inclusive). We're proud to be 4 collections deep, having always offered a size inclusive line (XS-5XL) from the jump, with no signs of slowing down and were just getting started baby!


To be the leading providers of the most inclusive, functional and stylish athleisure wear in the world


Our goal is to create athleisure wear that helps women all over the world feel empowered so they continue empowering others. We aim to help implement positive mindsets by producing and supplying athleisure wear that encourages you to live out your full potential every day


To create innovative athleisure wear that compliments all body types and encourages women to step outside of their boundaries